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This is the official website for progressive rock/post-metal band, Echo Tail.  Thank you for taking interest in us, we are forever grateful for your support.  All of our albums and latest updates are posted here, bookmark/follow us for the latest information about new releases and news concerning the band itself.

Latest Echo Tail Release

Beauty in Denial

Echo Tail


Due to a huge surge in demand for free downloads, we have used up all our free download tokens, which was over 1000! Unfortunately, the album has to be priced but we have only put it at a really cheap rate.

Thanks so much for the support!


'Beauty in Denial' is our tenth album release and is a turn back to some of the shoegazing sound we explored back on our past album, 'Fields of Vision'. I guess you can all 'Beauty in Denial' the 'angier sister' to 'Fields of Vision' as it is louder and more intense in places, we wanted to go for a noisier approach with vocals this time round.

We hope you enjoy this release, it took longer than usual this time!
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